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 - Women's Qualification CI

Heat: Qualification
PosBib No.CompetitorCountryVaultUneven-BarsBeamFloorResult 
1st 209 Rebecca Tunney England 13.85014.00013.00013.80054.650Q
2nd 207 Abi Caig England 13.90011.95014.00013.45053.300Q
3rd 229 Angel Romaeo Wales 13.00012.85013.60013.40052.850Q
4th 230 Raer Theaker Wales 12.80012.85013.55012.90052.100Q
5th 208 Charlie Fellows England 13.05012.55013.20013.00051.800 
6th 218 Brittany Robertson New Zealand 13.40012.45011.30013.90051.050Q
6th 228 Kiera Brennan Wales 12.90011.40013.55013.20051.050 
8th 202 Maddi Leydin Australia 13.20012.25012.30013.00050.750Q
9th 203 Emma Nedov Australia 12.30012.60012.30012.95050.150Q
10th 223 Shannon Archer Scotland 12.8009.60013.55012.95048.900 
10th 226 Kirsten Beckett South Africa 13.30012.25011.95011.40048.900Q
12th 225 Carly Smith Scotland 13.30010.30012.15012.80048.550Q
13th 201 Alex Eade Australia 12.80011.25011.30012.60047.950 
14th 222 Sarah Strawbridge Northern Ireland 12.50011.25011.60012.55047.900Q
15th 220 Nicole Mawhinney Northern Ireland 12.85011.15011.60012.10047.700Q
16th 219 Charlotte Sullivan New Zealand 12.70010.30011.55012.55047.100Q
17th 221 India McPeak Northern Ireland 12.70010.35011.20012.40046.650 
18th 224 Cara Kennedy Scotland 12.75010.25010.90012.70046.600Q
19th 210 Emily Rose Dale-Beeton Isle of Man 12.6008.85011.50010.80043.750Q
20th 217 Rebecca Morrison New Zealand 10.7009.45010.65012.35043.150 
21st 212 Kaitlin Kneen Isle of Man 11.1009.7509.90011.30042.050Q
22nd 213 Kirsty Rosalind Caruana Malta 12.6508.1009.45011.45041.650Q
23rd 211 Rebecca Johnson Isle of Man 12.5508.1508.70011.25040.650 
24th 214 Adreana Zammit Malta 12.3508.2009.95010.10040.600Q
25th 215 Samantha-Lee Gibbons Namibia 10.5006.0009.75010.40036.650Q
26th 227 Thimasha Devindi Pathirage Sri Lanka 10.7504.9506.5509.65031.900Q
27th 204 Sydney Mason Bermuda 9.5501.3508.7009.10028.700Q
27th 205 Lauren Hill Cayman Islands 10.1003.1006.8008.70028.700Q
10/09/2011 12:56:38 Confirmed 09/09/2011 16:06:51
Schedule for Women's Qualification CI:
Fri 09 Sep 14:00 - 16:00 Qualification Manx Gymnastics Centre of Excellence